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News and Blogs

News and Blogs

Jerusalema Dance CRAICNI (Multiplier)

Introduction to CAST4Innovation (Multiplier Event UK, March 2021)

CAST4Innovation course highlights (Multiplier Event UK, March 2021)

CAST4Innovation Participants: Dermot Devlin (Northern Ireland)

CAST4Innovation Participants: Masako Carey (Northern Ireland)

CAST4Innovation Participants: Mahrouk (Scotland)

Become an EPALE Ambassador!

Widening Horizons through EPALE

The importance of accredited online training in cultural awareness for trainers working with ethnic minority groups

Digital online learning – a model for the future?

Cultural Awareness Supporting Training for Innovation (CAST4Innovation)

Testimonials from Participants (Pilot Training, September-October 2020)

Feray Aydin, Turkey

Ahmed, Turkey

Mariah, Greece

Sarah, Italy

Fabio, Italy


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