About Project

About Project

Diversity and diverse communities add and enrich a society. And the first steps are to be comfortable in one’s own culture and embrace other cultures. One of crucial ways to enable this is through training and education. 

About Project

Since September 2018, our pool of Trained Trainers has been increasing

Trainers trained
These trainers participated and completed the six modules
Trainers engaged (beneficiaries)
These are Trainers who were engaged in Training activities and workshops, course development, and participation.
These include communities, organisations, institutions, agencies, etc. that the training organisation has engaged with.
Trainers in the Qualification Programme
These are Trainers who have registered for the Accredited course and completed the Workbook.
Moodle Subcriptions
Number of people who have subscribed to moodle or have shown interest.
Trainers awarded completion certificates
These include certificate of attendance after completing six modules of online training or moodle.


The CAST4Innovation project at its core is cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices. The project aims at Social Inclusion through raising cultural awareness of diverse communities from many backgrounds that are in each partner’s countries.

The project therefore focuses on the gap of training for trainers of cultural awareness, and equips them to be more effective in their training. This project offers innovation in each stage by providing the opportunity to learn between the 5 partners, observe the cultural differences and similarities to training in cultural awareness, and use new ways of approaching the modules, sharing, engagement and development.

Key Objectives

As part of the wider project development, including resource development and online learning resources, the objectives of the CAST4Innovation project included:

  • Developing the capacity of cultural diversity trainers
  • Use music, art, poetry, sport and cuisine as creative pathways to lead to equality and social cohesion
  • Toolkit for the training of cultural trainers and facilitators
  • Encourage online learning
  • Establish an accredited learning programme for trainers across Europe

The project provides an invaluable opportunity to explore the elements of culture that add value to the trainer’s experience e.g. cultural traditions, cultural arts, music to provide creativity in order to promote cultural awareness in their training. These experiences and learning will have a great influence to our society in our ability to challenge and tackle racism and xenophobia .

Major Project Milestones



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