Our Courses on Delivering Cultural Awareness Training

Cast4Innovation' primary outcome is to Train the Trainers in delivering effective cultural awareness training.

Endorsed Programme in Developing Cultural Awareness Training Skills

Instructor-led Six Modules
No coursework
No assessment

Accredited Course in Delivering Cultural Awareness Training

Instructor-led Six Modules
Workbook and Assessment

Moodle Course in Cultural Awareness Training

Online self-learning
No coursework
No assessment



Target Group

The target group for the courses are community educators, mentors, facilitators, activists, volunteers and practitioners with an interest in Delivering Cultural Awareness Training. These can include:

  • individuals not currently training in cultural awareness
  • individuals currently training in cultural awareness
  • individuals currently working as assessors who wish to achieve a qualification providing an introduction to training in cultural awareness


Training Format

Online and Instructor-led
Moodle Option (Unaccredited)


Course Sessions

1-2 per week
Duration of course: 2 months



5-6 hours per week
Workbook for Accredited course




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